Manual therapy Techniques



  Augmented soft tissue mobilization to decrease muscle, tendon, ligament, and scar tissue restrictions that can cause pain and restrict motion. This process facilitates healing of new healthy tissue to expedite the recovery process.  

Joint Mobilization


  This increases joint range of motion by applying forces that lengthen the joint capsule. Mobilization with movement can also be used to improve joint mobility using Mulligan principles and moving through end ranges of pain-free motion.  

Trigger Point Dry Needling


Intramuscular Manual Therapy (IMT), otherwise known as Trigger Point Dry Needling, is a treatment for relieving pain caused by muscular tightness and spasms which commonly follow injuries that often accompany the degenerative process.

Taping Techniques


We use a variety of different types of tape with various applications to decrease pain, swelling, provide support, and improve muscle activation. Taping can help a wide range of issues from pain with minor sports injuries to pain with severe arthritis. We use kinesiotape, dynamic tape, Rocktape, leukotape, and athletic tape depending on the patient's needs.

Myofascial Cupping


Myofascial cupping is a soft tissue therapy that encourages healing by creating a negative pressure or suction on the skin using cups that pull up underlying tissues, blood, and other fluids close to the surface of the skin. This loosens muscles, encourages blood flow, and sedates the nervous system. Cupping can help treat soft tissue conditions and musculoskeletal tension, pain, and common sporting injuries.  Cupping is even used to relieve anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and high blood pressure.

Compression Flossing


 Compression flossing makes positive subjective changes to our joints and soft tissues through compression + tension + movement. This will often increase joint mobility, decrease pain, and speed up recovery. 

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